Google Pixel 2


Driven by Creation.

The Pixel 2 is Google’s latest smartphone. It’s design was built around the notion that smartphones today are still in need of major improvements. We were asked to create a visually striking video to celebrate the Pixel 2’s release, expanding on the themes “Ask more of your phone” and “Made by Google.”

We were required to highlight the phone’s core features and demonstrate its superior engineering, giving equal attention to both hardware and software. The video was later presented at Google’s Keynote Event on October 4th, 2017 in San Francisco, CA.    

A Nimble Team of Makers.

The objective was to create an extraordinary video using only content shot on Pixel 2. To do this, we commissioned two of our artists, Filmmaker Zack McTee and Photographer 13thWitness.

We wanted to create visuals indistinguishable from a professional camera while challenging the rationale that a high-quality video required a great deal of equipment or an abundance of cash. By following 13thWitness throughout his exploration of New Orleans, Zack was able to capture the creative process of a professional photographer and deliver an incredible video with amazing photographs—produced exclusively from the Pixel 2 and without the use of supplementary equipment.


Feature Rich Content.

We highlighted the Pixel 2’s exceptional video stabilization, its low-light, portrait and HDR+ features and showed that anyone can create beautiful content and simply use the Pixel 2 to do it.