Google Pixel 2 Live Cases


Canvas For All.

In May 2016 Google launched “Live Cases,” a collaboration that presented limited-edition designs from world-renowned artist Jeff Koons. To further promote their work with artists and in support of their latest device launch, Google asked us to deliver artist recommendations for their Pixel 2 Live Cases Program.


Humor And Wit Connects.

We wanted to provide artists and artistic elements that were fun and relatable but also unique enough that each case made a small statement. With that in mind, there was no one better at doing this than Baron Von Fancy. His designs are simplistic, using typography as reinterpretations of brand messaging that are both humorous and clever.



Unlock The Fun.

There were two types of live cases, each with an interactive wallpaper companion. Users were able to unlock different versions of artwork that could be displayed as a slideshow on the home screen.


The work had to embody Baron’s cleverness but work within Google’s theme of “Ask More.” Consequently, the phrases became inherently motivating and lighthearted. From there, phrases like ‘Curiosity did not kill this cat’ and ‘Tell me why we shouldn’t’ were born.


Baron's designs and phrases can be viewed at the Google Pixel Live Case shop.