Zack McTee

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Zack McTee is an Emmy Nominated Director who fell in love with video cameras from the age of 13 when he became the proud owner of a broken VHS camera. Despite a non-functioning battery, his relentless passion for shooting skateboard videos meant bringing a 100’ extension cord everywhere, in hopes that there was a  power outlet nearby.

From his hometown of Ogden, Utah, he moved to Los Angeles at age eighteen to pursue his dreams of making motion pictures. It was there where he cut his teeth, earning a degree from the school of experience — junior-producing at Mandalay Entertainment, an all media company; directing a channel for famous advertising experiment, Honeyshed; creating a plethora of branded content before branded content was branded content; and developing a personal style working on independent projects. After Los Angeles, he moved to NYC where he has spent the last 8 years creating video for some of the biggest brands in the world.

By the way, he still insists on powering the camera via AC.

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