YO'HOOD 2017


Sharing Culture With the World.

Started in 2013, YOHOOD is known now as the premier fashion event in Shanghai. Positioned cleverly between New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, it has steadily grown in popularity amongst an industry enlarging its appetite for well-known streetwear brands like Stussy, HUMAN MADE, Madness and Undercover, many of whom have developed a strong history of exclusive collaborations and unique product launches.  

In creating ‘YOHO! By FUTURA’ we were asked by YOHO! creative director NIGO to redesign the key brand visuals for YOHOOD’s 2017 trade show which included reconfiguring their current YOHOOD and YOHO! logos, creating limited-edition festival merchandise and designing an extraordinary twenty-foot character sculpture.


Friends and Family.

In order to launch a comprehensive design platform using Futura’s iconic figures, handstyles and unique illustrations we had to visually represent the YOHOOD spirit and provide an inspirational variation to their 2017 theme ‘YOHO! & Friends’.

We wanted to design a family of new characters exclusive to YOHOOD that would represent Futura’s free flowing style but also maintain the recognizable YOHO! trademark. What spawned was a symbiotic group of graphic design elements perfectly in sync with YOHOOD’s reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking trade show.


For the Collective.

The campaign highlights Futura’s most prominent design aesthetics, incorporating an array of letterforms, atom motifs, character drawings, and pattern illustrations developed over a historic career. The project demonstrated the artist’s ability to reimagine a brand and make it his own.

The handwritten typeface used as the primary YOHO! font represents a harmonious mixture of free expression and brand messaging. It’s what YOHOOD is all about, providing unique style among a collective group of well-known brands.


Similarly, the YOHO! apparel collection included this street style approach to all of its branded merchandise. The capsule included a selection of ‘YOHO! By FUTURA’ designed hoodies, hats, skate decks, tote bags and an assortment of graphic T-shirts.

Once the YOHOOD merchandise, packaging and full show visuals had been finalized our creative team worked with Futura to develop a rare twenty-foot sculpture; conceived from newly drawn character sketches. The sculpture was placed prominently at the trade show’s front entrance and served as a nod to earlier pointman illustrations, revealing a major first example of highly anticipated new works.