KITH Miami and Nike at Art Basel 2016


A Culmination of Like Minds.

We were approached by Nike and the New York City retailer KITH, to find a way to create authenticity surrounding the re-release of the Nike Air Force 1 Linen during Art Basel Miami. The international art fair is a prestigious event showcasing a variety of contemporary artworks by both emerging and established contemporary artists. Likewise, the nearly week-long event is home to a wide-array of art collectors and cultural enthusiasts who are well-versed in modern gallery displays.

To boot, Nike and KITH have previously worked together in search of ways to promote region specific releases; thus, when the opportunity to attend Art Basel emerged they called upon Futura to help bring these ambitions into artistic reality.


A Moment to Embrace.

Collectively we aimed at tying together multiple pieces into one unified display of artwork. In other words, it was an art show presented by Nike and KITH with Futura as the featured artist. Futura would need to help design an assortment of packaging, pieces and installations that would naturally complement the Art Basel community and highlight this exclusive shoe release.


Multi-dimensional Creativity.

As one of the most desirable Air Force 1’s in Nike’s collection, the Nike AF1 Linen was originally released in 2001—exclusively in Japan. For Nike customers, this is one of the most coveted AF1 models out there and this special show warranted a special release.

Futura created a special window mural that commemorates the significance of the shoe while revealing a beautiful piece perfectly in sync with the Art Basel celebration.

Futura’s signature lines, style and overall inspiration helped drive home the authentic approach taken towards the project as a whole. Additionally, Futura created custom packaging, transferring handstyles and icon work onto translucent boxes. These boxes were reserved solely for this particular retail door during Basel.

The shoes were later gifted to close friends and family of KITH, and additional models were raffled on four different days during the first two weeks of KITH Miami's opening.