Meet the Agency Founder Connecting Baron Von Fancy with Louis Vuitton.


As the founder of ICNCLST, Sky Gellatly orchestrated some of the art world's greatest collaborations.

Collaborations are the name of the game these days. Heck, Supreme and Off-White seem to be churning out collabs weekly. Same with Nike. These newfound creative relationships between designers, musicians, artists, and mega brands have blurred the rudimentary lines of what products and experiences should be. In that grey space lives a whole other realm of opportunity, and consumers have taken notice. But let’s go back a decade, to when purveyors like Sky Gellatly—co-founder of creative agency ICNCLST—forged connections between artists like Baron Von Fancy, Futura, and 13thWitness, and big megabrands like Nike, Kith, and Google, and saw the opportunity before it was a ~thing~. He and his team have carved out a whole new space for the artists they represent to partner with brands in a vast array of creative opportunities.

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