Graffit Writer Pixote Brings His Spirtual Paintings Indoors

by Reuben Torres
December 16, 2016


Pixote's legacy has been permanently etched into graffiti lore. The Brazilian-born artist's larger-than-life inscriptions have lined the walls of New York City since his arrival in the 1990s, a time many regard to as a golden age for the arts in downtown Manhattan. Though his work may be more closely associated with spray cans, his most recent exhibit finds him veering beyond aerosol towards water bottles, paint splashes, actual paintbrushes, and even his bare hands.

"State of Awareness" finds the artist, also known as Joao Salomao, in full introspective mode, exploring what he refers to as the "essential elements of life and consciousness: where spirituality and energy meet colors, shapes, movements, and figures in abstract composition."

I caught up with Pixote over email in advance of his solo debut at Manhattan's Ludlow House to talk about his approach to painting and the idea of art as an awakening.

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