Futura Solo Exhibition at Library Street Collective


The solo exhibition hosted a 10,000-person opening night, showcasing original paintings, drawings and prints, as well as a pop-up “Futura Labs” retail space which featured commercial collaborations from Converse, ACRONYM x MONTANA and G-Shock.

In preparation for the exhibition, we worked together with Library Street Collective and Futura to develop noticeable influences throughout the local Detroit community; works that quietly referenced the Motown era with hints at Pistons, Shelby Yellow and Tiger Stripe, exciting local fans in attendance. One piece even included an array of iconic character drawings set in front a full map of downtown Detroit.

As part of LSC’s Public Matter exhibit (an outdoor exhibition featuring permanent murals by local, national and international artists), NEW HORIZONS kicked off a new era for Futura. Described by himself as a “third act” to a lifetime of influential work, the show provided a clear example of his perpetual, motion-forward philosophy.