New Orleans Tourism


A Celebration Through Storytelling.

In partnership with digital marketing agency 360i, our artist 13thWitness was asked to capture New Orleans in his own perspective and share his unique experiences and authentic stories. The goal was to promote the city and celebrate its 300th birthday. This project helped kickoff a series of features supporting the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation and their campaign “One Time In New Orleans.”  

Real People. Real Experiences.

We found that an interesting way of portraying New Orleans was to introduce its quirks, its many nuances and the interesting people that make the city so extremely unique. Additionally, the images were meant to create excitement around a historic american city.


Capturing The Essence.

13thWitness spent a week exploring different areas of the city and found characters truly native to the Big Easy. Its people, food and culture are distinctive and eagerness to visit should be at an all time high.

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