Sam Friedman

Photo:  Lyndon French

American artist Sam Friedman has been producing art in Brooklyn, New York, for the last decade. Tending to reflect the natural world, his work is simultaneously loose and precise. Friedman moves between representational and abstract depictions with seeming ease and spontaneity. His earliest "beach paintings", completed in 2008, originated from his experience of walking towards the sunset during an oncoming storm. This personal encounter of induced visual clarity prompted in the artist's mind the precise image for a fully formed painting that has incorporated the language he had been developing in his earlier abstract work. This focus has occupied the most of his exploration then, resulting in a body of work that continuously breakdown and rebuild a natural landscape.

Friedman is interested in an exploration that breaks down and rebuilds natural landscapes, which he achieves through his use of line, pattern, texture, and bright color. He is an artist who paints intuitively and is known to work in black and white during difficult times, though vivid colors are most often his mood and palette of choice.

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