ICNCLST Tapped as Exclusive Agency Partner for New Museum Store in 2018


ICNCLST, a hybridized creative agency and art advisory that curates relationships between artists and commercial partners, has entered a new exclusive partnership with the New Museum Store for “New Voices”— a program that will bring new editions, products, and experiences forged between artists, designers, and brands to the store.

“The New Museum Store is a compelling retail platform, open to re-invention and innovation. Our goal is just that, to bring ‘New Voices’ into the New Museum Store, both artistic and commercial, and to promote creativity, diversity, and inclusion through collaboration,” said ICNCLST CEO Sky Gellatly.

“If through an exciting collaboration between an artist and a brand, a kid ends up seeing art for the first time, our real job is done: inspiring others to contemplate making or appreciating art, or even becoming an artist themselves.”

ICNCLST will help artists create products, special items, and editions for purchase both online and at the brick-and-mortar New Museum Store at 235 Bowery.

"We have a long history of highlighting the uncommon and the poetic in the books and artist-designed products at the New Museum Store," said Karen Wong, Deputy Director at New Museum. "We are thrilled to collaborate with ICNCLST as we continue to seek out and discover new voices to celebrate in a unique retail environment."

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