Eric Elms for Nike Jersey Suite

September 14, 2017


Moving to New York City was never part of the plan for Eric Elms. In fact, being an artist and designer wasn’t either. Growing up in San Diego, Elms couldn’t fathom the possibility of a career in art. That is until a chance encounter with Shepard Fairey one of the pre-eminent contemporary street artists of this generation that the vision of working in art and design became clearer to Elms.

When college came around, Elms had a few art schools in mind. But he settled on the Pratt Institute without even taking a tour. While studying at Pratt, Elms quickly fell in with the downtown New York City arts culture by assisting artist Brian “KAWS” Donnelly and also working with his professor at a popular streetwear store. Studying under visionaries who pioneered the “golden era of streetwear” inspired a younger Eric to venture out on his own.

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