A Host of Characters Showed Me The Way

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by 13thWitness
October 9, 2017


The people in this city make it different.

I heard that going in, but after years of living in New York, little surprises me. As a self-taught photographer, I constantly look to tell new stories through my lens.

And as I found during my recent trip to New Orleans, the faces of its inhabitants tell three hundred years of them.

I suppose it’s what happens when you live in a place so soaked in spirit, enthusiasm, and adventure.

On one corner, a magician performs tricks under moonlight.

On another, Ms. Janice makes sure you don’t go to bed hungry (or wake up hungry the next day for that matter).

A few short miles away, alligators pose for pictures and chase marshmallows from the back of airboats.

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Moses Aipa13thWitness