Kevin Wong


A great photograph captures a unique moment in time. It reveals a particular point of view and highlights the most interesting or attractive qualities of an image. As a self-taught photographer, Kevin Wong has the extraordinary ability to find optimism in every instance.

Raised in Los Angeles, Kevin attended Hoover High School in Glendale where he developed a keen understanding that it’s not always about being the best, but rather being original and working the hardest. A pivotal moment for Kevin occurred when he captured Clayton Kershaw's first career no-hitter. The opportunity to showcase such an important and exciting moment led to a fresh outlook on taking photos. His approach and philosophy towards photography is simple—treat everyone with kindness, have a good spirit and capture as much as you can in the here and now.

He has worked with a countless number of well-known personalities, major fashion brands, athletes and musicians. His work continues to uncover intimate views of notable pop culture icons and his growing demand for commercial work will bring a distinctive perspective to an industry in need of fresh new faces.

Commercial Work